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Sullivan Business Solutions partners with Growth Management Group the nation's leading full stimulus consulting firm to explore and capture federal, state and local incentives that 90% of businesses overlook.

Why do businesses overlook these incentives? They overlook them because they are specialized incentives and require a certain skill set to identify and deliver them. Growth Management Group has a team of tax experts, attorneys, engineers and project managers along with the software capability to produce the necessary feasibility studies. We don't replace our clients' tax professionals. We gladly work with them and are happy to share our results for third party verification.

For Legal and Identity Theft Plans, Sullivan Business Solutions partners with LegalShield, the nation's leader for these plans. LegalShield leverages a large network of prominent law firms and millions of members to replace high hourly fees with small monthly rates. These are utilization plans where our members are encouraged to use these plans proactively to protect their businesses and families. As an employee benefit, it can be offered as a voluntary benefit with no out of pocket expense for the employer. It can help employees handle their personal lives more effectively so they are more available, less distracted and more productive at work.

Nick Sullivan

Senior Consultant

Nick Sullivan has a background in sales and operations from a career in corporate America working for companies such as Eastman Kodak, Sprint and MetLife. He considers Main Street  essential to the well being of the country. He is passionate about adding value to businesses by finding unique solutions that can make a positive impact.